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Kettle Black Features

New July 30...

Turning Workplace Teamwork Into a Jam Session
tips for quiet revolutionaries on how to bring the wisdom and language of music into the competitive corporate world

Do Musicians Have a Responsibility to Appease Their Fans?
a thought-provoking posting on the newsgroup

Artist Spotlight: Moonbabies
catchy, dreamy, introspective, psychedelic rock/pop

Artist Spotlight: davidmahr
a haunting soundscape of abandonment and redemption

Feature Archive
(most current at top)

Husbands and Knives
twenty shocking parallels in the lives of Yukio Mishima and Woody Allen

Artist Spotlight: Testube
electronic music to replicate human dreams and intuitions

The Minstrel Cycle
a cartoon by Craig Conley

Profile To-Go: Charlie Baker
expanding the limits of musical expression

Interview With th’ tyg
Robert Lurie talks to Tim Powles about his many talents and projects

Big Sur Experimental Music Festival
experimental musicians from around the country converge for a cutting-edge festival

Project Omicron
a retro sci-fi art film explores the paradox of creativity

a look at the makings of Washington state's goodwill princes

Mara's Torment
music from the darker side of the human psyche

Lucid Technologies
the musician...the photographer...the homebrewer...

The Internet, Zines & the Magic Post Office
nothing else matters

Captive Audience
going strong with a brand new album and plenty of energy

What Did You Do With My Computer?
living in computer hell

Bauhaus @ The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Ga 9/14/98
a live review

HEY DICK, oops!...I mean MICK! OVER HERE!
dave bellard vs. mick harris in Cleveland

Dream Into Dust
an interview with Derek Rush from New York's Dream Into Dust

Ernesto Diaz-Infante
an interview with California's improv guru

The Yuri Report Part 2
more from Russia

The Mysterio Tribe of Bangadoore
an interview with princeEa of Atlanta's MTOB

The Yuri Report Part 1
a look at the Russian independent music scene