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Kettle Black Features


Artist Spotlight: Moonbabies
by Craig Conley

Based in Sweden, Moonbabies is making a name for itself with catchy, dreamy, introspective, psychedelic rock/pop reminescent of JMundok’s work. Strong vocals and guitars are accompanied by analog synths, bass, drums, and percussion. The band was formed three years ago by Ola Frick and Carina Johansson, who discovered that their voices made beautiful harmonies together. They take their inspiration from a lot of bands and artists, from Brian Eno to Sonic Youth, the Velvet Underground to My Bloody Valentine, Red House Painters to Pixies. Frick describes his approach to songwriting: “The Moonbabies songs aren’t written with an urge to impress people with fab lyrics. But I have discovered, on many occasions, that songs I wrote a long time ago did have a lot to say, mostly at a personal level, things I went through, my relationship with friends and girlfriends, a low or strong self esteem or mood at a particular time in my life. My songs are written through my point of view, how I see the world, things like: being with friends I love, moral values, about growing up to be a real man without a healthy relationship to your father (but now I have...). Most of the lyrics are basicaly about the same thing: be true to yourself, always try to do the right thing, tak care of your gift, believe in yourself, what you think and what you’re doing is right. Positive meanings that work in a way as therapy for myself. I am just positive to life and want to give other people the same positiveness.” You can contact Moonbabies via e-mail or visit their website.