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Kettle Black About



Over the past ten years I played in bands and recorded homemade tapes on four tracks and released stuff on my own and other independent labels. I went to college for four years doing college radio and experimenting with life. By default I have run across a few zines. Not as many as I think I should have but nonetheless, it wasn't until 1997 when a good friend of mine was doing reviews for a handful that I really started paying attention to them. Then I got a copy of Factsheet Five and my eyes were wide opened. I started to realize how massive and powerful this underrated form of communication and art really is and I wondered how it is kept so distant from the mainstream. Regardless, I have become addicted to zines and have a great respect for those who have successfully published zines for any length of time.

I encourage anyone who is reading this to make an effort to seek out at least one zine and and support those who publish it. There's no watered down, corporate gloss in the zines that I have found and they have a personality unreplicated by the machine that pumps out the huge mainstream publications found at the local grocery store.

The Kettle Black started as my contribution to the culture. I started it as a way to get in touch with other artists producing similar styles of music to what I produce. The spectrum ranges from ambient and electronic to experimental to darkwave to dark pop & many other things independent and interesting. I released the 3rd printed version in early 1999 and decided to put #4 on hold.

Unfortunately after one year, the zine has been laid to rest (all forms included). As of September 1, 1999 The Kettle Black is no longer open for business. It was a great year and I'm glad I did my part and contributed what I have. I will continue to support the zine culture in many other ways and hope you all do the same.

Thanks to everyone who helped, supported and submitted along the way. As a result I've made some new lifelong friends.

J Mundok