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Kettle Black Features


Lucid Technologies
by J Mundok

The Illinois based Lucid Technologies (aka Mark Jacobs) was founded while Jacobs was living in Murfreesboro, TN attending MTSU...before my pilgrimage to sunny M'boro. After a few gigs playing guitar in local bands, Jacobs was turned onto ambient music by one of the keyboard players he was playing with. He eventually bought his own boards and starting writing what is now known as Lucid Technologies.

1998 brought about the first two CD releases, Off-Line and Scribblings of the Past, both self-released and available through LT's web site and New stuff is currently being worked on by Jacobs and friend, Todd Dockery, adding vocals and guitar into the mix of the ambient sounds of Off-Line. Expect a new Lucid Technologies e.p. of the work with Todd soon. Also, Jacobs recently contributed a track to a video called Psychedelic Headcandy that will be soon be available in retail stores nationwide

When asked of his photography, Jacobs replied, "Photography is usually what I turn to when I'm stuck without any new music ideas. I like to think of it in much the same as way as I do music. In music I like strange and often dark moods that the listener can get lost in while coming up with mental pictures to follow the music. In the same fashion I think you can get lost in a cool abstract photograph."

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