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Kettle Black Features


Artist Spotlight: davidmahr
by Craig Conley

Known for his catchy melodies and retro synths à la early Erasure, indie artist davidmahr has been writing, producing and performing synthpop music since he formed his first band in 1991. During the past 8 years, he has been a featured performer at many venues and clubs, including events in San Francisco and Sacramento. At the Lambda Freedom Fair, held at the California State Capitol with over 10,000 people in attendance, davidmahr was the opening act for headline artist Sabrina Johnston in 1995 and the R&B vocal group Black Box in 1996. His new CD, Lost & Found, was released and produced through his independent label, davidmahr Music. The album’s first two tracks, More Each Day and Out Of Control, are driving dance tracks with an eighties flair. Rain is a haunting soundscape of abandonment and redemption, and the ballad Days After Night explores endings and new beginnings. The light-hearted, mid-tempo Never Alone rounds out the CD. It is a collaborative effort with longtime songwriting partner, SFoRcE and composer/sound designer, L. Deved Smith II. The CD is published by davidmahr Music (ASCAP) and is distributed by The Orchard, Valley Media, A Different Drum, and davidmahr Music.