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Kettle Black Features


Mysterio Tribe of Bangadoore
by J Mundok

I first learned of The Mysterio Tribe of Bangadoore on the web. After receiving a copy of the first album, Professor efF, I was blown away by the sonic energy that attacked my speakers. Through a collage of sounds and styles as well as beats and samples, MTOB takes you on a journey somewhere...I'll let their leader, prince Ea, explain where...

KB: First off, who's in MTOB and what does each member do?

prince Ea: There are 5 carbon based cosmonauts that inhabit MToB.
1)prince Ea: vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, samples noise, tape electronics, bass 2) uhnoobus: turntables, tape electronics, samples 3) bwheel: keyboards, samples 4) pop-a-lance: bass 5) bek tu': percussion

KB: What is MTOB about and how did the project get started?

pE: The Mysterio Tribe of Bangadoore is a collective of artists gathered by Ea to reek havoc on the coagulation of mundane cerebral activity. We are in search of truth through sound...a quest for knowledge of what is...using experiments in sound to discover the varying degrees of humanity --- a man, a women, a soul, a being, all fruits of what is ...the dark, the light, the evil, the good, all are what is what weare and where we are headed. MToB is about GIGANTIC EMOTIONAL FREEDOMand INFINITE CREATIVITY.

KB: The first album, Professor efF, is a collage of many sounds including a host of samples. What is the writing process for MTOB and are samples chosen at random or is there a distinct method to the madness?

pE: mtOb operates on the stimulus-response paradigm. Each song begins as a skeleton, all bone no blood, and we react to the curvature. We start with foundation sound and let the story of the song unfold piece by piece. The song might start as a rhythm guitar track or a beat, and we let it roll over and over until we discover the message. Of course, there is always exception. As for sampling, we limit that primarily to rhythms. If someone hears a worth while beat, it is certainly interesting to see what you can do with it, e.g. take a monotonous 4 4 rhythm and develop around that sound until you discover its true nature...I would say we randomly sample. We mostly sample ourselves. The more complex or dissonant the better. If we sample a rhythm track and manipulate it... we envelope it with ourselves...The song writing process is certainly a very personal experience and it gestates within each individual differently. For me, it is spiritual therapy, arranging emotions you would otherwise be afraid to reveal.

KB: What are some of the artists that influence MTOB?

pE: There are several notable influences that have shown us paths totravel...Juan Esquivel, Trey Spruance, naked city, william s. Burroughs, psychic Tv, Loki Lobb, MeatBeatManifesto, Mr. Bungle, clive barker, JohnZorn, nurse with wound, funkadelic, willie and lobo, mustafa abdel aziz, Mahmoud tabrizi zadeh, count basie, miles davis, steely dan, melle mel, bad brains, fishbone, harry connick jr., sade, stereo lab, silence, peter gabriel, godfre ray king, united state of ambience, uds, public enemy, three mc's and one d.j., and so many more it's hard to remember.

KB: If you could only have 3 albums, what would they be?

pE: Peter Gabriel: Passion...Mr. Bungle: Disco Volante ...Mad Professor: Psychedelic Dub Dub

KB: What's the relationship between Emm Enterprizuz, BimBangBoom Productions and MTOB?

pE: Emm Enterprizuz is our internet "umbrella". Emm houses all workBimBangBoom..anything 3BP might get its grubby little fingers into. BimBangBoomProductions {3BP} is an audio and multimedia production company. 3BP (@ TheManWho Studio) records artists and developes artists interested in it hip hop to speed metal. MToB isthe first artist to release work under BimBangBoomProductions.

KB: Tell me about the new album, K2000, and when we expect it to be available?

pE: Bwheel joined MToB after the release of professor efF and has added a decidedly nasty tingle to the new album. Bwheel brought us new toys and noize to play with. K2000 is the story of art imitating life imitating art. We've mockingly pushed our own envelope this time. The sound jumps from speed metal to ambient trip hop to atom heart mother guitar diddys...unless we left something amiss, which only time will tell. K2000 has quite a bit more vocal work. A lyrical case study into the Brotherhood organizations who pledge ultimate loyalty to cosmic beings and ascended masters from other planets, and how these are disguised by the veil of myth --- there might be some songs about sex too. I would expect the unexpected and lots of groovy rhythm. The album will be finished sometime in October and available soon thereafter.

KB: According to the web site there will be another synapse from BimBangBoom Productions (Children of the Atom) in the near, can you reveal any secrets about this project?

pE: Unfortunately, ethnic strife and the continuation of the inflatable paper money system inhibit me, but I can say that Children of the Atom is more than just a potty's the potty to end all potty's.

KB: Can we expect live performances from any 3BP configuration any time soon? If so, where?

pE: Actually, MToB were set to play the Atlantis Music Festival (Atlanta,Ga) in august [aug 5-8, I believe]. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine. We are heavily focused on the completion of K2000 and other work. Children of the Atom will blow that phuc though, that you can count on...and who knows, you might see Ea or uhnoobus bleeding eardrums at those.

KB: Any closing thoughts?

pE: MK look it up...a hint (the CIA), but remember...I didn't tell.

The Mysterio Tribe of Bangadoore can be found on-line at

professor efF is now available through the mail

end check or money order ($10 U.S. Dollars) to:

Mysterio Tribe of Bangadoore
c/o Bim Bang Boom Productions
P.O. Box 19683
Atlanta, Georgia 30325

Thanks to prince Ea for his time and contributions.