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The Kettle Black

Dream Into Dust

by J Mundok

Described as "...a union of classical, industrial and experimental elements", DREAM INTO DUST hails from the dark mind of Derek Rush (formerly recording under the name DECEMBER). In July 1997, The New York-based multi-instrumentalist released the "No Man's Land" EP with the help of Patrick Hogan and Bryin Dall (Loretta's Doll). Inspired by 'The Prisoner', a British TV series from the late sixties, the three-song 7"/cassette package, "A Prison For Oneself", was released during September of that year. Where has he been and where is he going? Let us go to the source...

Kettle Black: What caused the transition from DECEMBER to DREAM INTO DUST, and when exactly did it occur?

derek rush: the music was becoming more complex and more experimental, and i wanted to add different elements that weren't present before. in addition, the "hope for nothing" material was written during a certain intense period in my life, which thankfully ended. with all these changes, and the sudden proliferation of other bands using "december" as part or all of their name, i decided it was best to just move on.

KB: How do you feel the two projects compare to each other?

dr: DREAM INTO DUST is essentially a continuation of the former project, an exploration of different aspects. it has become more militaristic, more symphonic, more disorienting, and yet more focused. also a bit more industrial, but in the manner put forth by TG, NON, and EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN. elements from the earlier work, such as piano and more natural-sounding drums will certainly return.

KB: Patrick Hogan and Bryin Dall were involved in "No Man's Land". Are they consistent members of DREAM INTO DUST or do you find people to contribute as you need them?

dr: mainly the latter, but as bryin and patrick are close friends whose talents i respect, they will probably return more often than not. for example, neither of them appear of "a prison for oneself" because that music was entirely composed of samples that would evoke a dark atmospheric version of 'the prisoner' tv show. however, they're both on the song "labyrinth of souls" we did for tony wakeford's SOL CD compilation, and they will surely be on the new album. there will likely be other contributors, depending on the song and the need. each person brings something unique to the sound.

KB: Do you ever appear on other people's projects? If so, which projects?

dr: bryin asked me to play acoustic guitar for his version of hank williams' "may you never be alone like me", then i ended up helping him with a few solo tracks that ended up becoming his project 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE. we also ended up creating a very experimental project called OF UNKOWN ORIGIN, and now i'm contributing to the next LORETTA' S DOLL album. i've also worked with my friend ken of CANDIRIA who has a great dark ambient project.

KB: Do you perform live very often? If so, how do you feel about playing live versus working in the studo?

dr: we haven't performed live yet as DREAM INTO DUST, but we hope to next year, after the album's release.

KB: "No Man's Land" is very much a journey from the opening of "The Lost Crusade" to the end of "Seasons In the Mist". Is this one concept throughout the album or four very distinct pieces?

dr: they were four separate pieces written at different times, that began to fit together sonically as they were being completed. there is a pattern of ideas throughout the EP, but it was not a predetermined "concept album". it was decided to crossfade them all, which worked out well.

KB: Could you explain the influence of Godfrey Dawson on "No Man's Land"?

dr: he's the creator of the hermetic tarot of the golden dawn. this is the deck i own and was drawn to consult it during the making of the EP. Some lyrics in "dissolution" specifically were influenced by readings and interpretations from that deck.

KB: ...Theo Angelopoulos?

dr: he's an excellent filmmaker who made a movie called "ulysses' gaze" which i saw at the beginning of the sessions for "no man's land". this 3-hour epic is an incredible personal journey of a man in search of something important in a meaningless and war-torn world. it moved me very deeply and the image of the white mists towards the end inspired me to create the wind loop that was the basis for "season in the mist", and it affected the feel of the whole EP. i highly recommend seeing it, however by the end you may feel as though your soul has been crushed by stone.

KB: What is in store for DREAM INTO DUST in 1999?

dr: the release of the full-length album on ELFENBLUT, and limited live shows. before that actually will be MISANTHROPY's "presumed guilty" compilation, an anti-censorship statement. we have the lead track "stormbringer". we also did a piece called "the man who disappeared" for a tribute to franz kafka, but still no word on when that will be released. MIDDLE PILLAR is also releasing a compilation which we're working on a song for.

KB: Where would you like to see the project in five years?

dr: with a few good albums and unique releases behind and ahead of us, and a heightened interest in what we're doing.

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