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The Kettle Black

$20 Story

by Susanne

I went to Wal-mart on Saturday, selected my purchases and got in line to check out. It was my turn and the cashier rang up my items. I reached in my pocket to pull out the 3 $10 bills I had just put there before leaving the house and could only find one. I got warm and embarassed, feeling like everyone was looking at me, heaven forbid, holding up the line. Luckily, I had the gas $ with me so I took enough $ from that to cover my total. That wasn't good enough though. Once in the parking lot and sitting in the van, I searched all of my pockets once again, looked though my purse, scoured the cash. I finished my errands and when I got home, J & I searched everywhere. I even went to the outside garbage can to look through the trash, thinking I may have thrown the $ away. Then, it dawned on me...maybe I did have the $, but dropped it while in the check out line when I pulled the one $10 bill from my pocket. I realized I had never looked on the ground when I realized the $ wasn't there. I was so intent on getting out of the store and away from my embarassment, I failed to look the most obvious place. I called Wal-mart, asked if anyone reported finding 2 $10 bills on the floor of check out #3 (always keep your receipt)and waited to be laughed at. After talking to 2 people, the cashier who waited on me answered the phone and someone had found my 2 $10 bills and turned them in. In a moment, my opinion of humankind skyrocketed. I went to pick up my $ and I filled out an outstanding service form for the cashier. I know that the person who actually found the $, who was probably behind me in line, was the one who silently restored my faith. Iím still amazed.


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